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We’re just getting started here at ThiefMD. Since our first public release in August, we’ve added over 400 commits and 6 Public Open Source Repos. Features added since then are Themes, Export CSS Packages, Export options, Write-Good, Focus Mode, and Blog Connections.

Today, we’re highlighting Write-Good, based on btford’s writegood.

Write-Good for Copywriting

copyblogger’s 10 Principles for Turning into a Killer (Copywriter) is a great place to start. Noticing weak spots in your copy is hard at first. With the right tools, you can strengthen your skills.

Write-Good highlights:

  • Passive Voice
  • Long Sentences
  • Weak Words
  • Weasel Words
  • Repeating Words
  • and more…

Remove the Fluff

Food bloggers tell long winded stories before revealing the recipe. A common complain among readers is “Take me to the recipe”.

Once you’ve pitched your So What? you call your reader to action. Recipe blogs are notorious for fluff before the call.

Write-Good identifies verbose sentences. Shorten sentences to reduce the fluff.

A Call to Action

Passive Voice weakens your call to action.

Writing was improved with ThiefMD

Was it? That’s great, what does it do for me?


ThiefMD improves your writing.

How? Tell me more.

It’s a subtle difference, but it changes the conversation and the pitch.

They’re just Suggestions

There’s a time and place for words like just or only. They can build up or detract from your sale. ThiefMD highlights weak words and verbose words helping to determine when they’re needed.

The highlighted text isn’t always problematic. By highlighting different style rules, you can use them to impower your copywriting.

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