Stolen Victory Duo

There comes a time in every Markdown Editor’s life that an original font should be declared. Not completely new, but a modification with an elaborate story to claim why.

I guess the time is now for ThiefMD.

I love iA Writer Duospace. On our search of writing fonts, we tried out MonoLisa, Operator Mono, Fira Code, Fira Code with iScript, Victor Mono, and a mash up of many more. I kept coming back to iA Writer Duospace.

Returning to Duospace after trying so many fonts made me miss aspects of those fonts. IBM Plex describes the original typefaces as a blend of Mankind and Machine. When thinking of ThiefMD, we relate, but want more humanity.

We strove to manipulate some fonts to be digitally authentic with human approachability.

Introducing Stolen Victory Duo

We started with a base of iA Writer Duospace. It’s readable and elegant. We added more curvature to the fonts and opened up some of the letters.

The differences are minor, but we hope you notice and feel what we’re trying to capture.

Stolen Victory Duo

Don’t worry Dave, we can let you do that. The italics are a different breed. When talking to our users, users told us they want more of a rich text feel. Users wanted more contrast between words formatted differently.

We took Victor Mono, and changed the name. Cursive is visually different. Script pays homage to humanity. We widened and added more curvature to a few of the letters. We mixed attributes of the fonts with one another to create cohesion.

Writing with this new font has been enjoyable. It’s readable, like the original iA Writer Duospace. It’s approachable and not too technical, encouraging creativity and experimentation in writing.

And Sans

We took IBM Plex Sans and gave it the same treatment.

Let us know what you think

Download it from GitHub or join the conversation and let us know what you think, or what you’re favorite writing font is.

We plan on shipping this font with the next release of ThiefMD. Just like how we continue improving and adding features to ThiefMD, we hope to do the same with Stolen Victory Duo and Sans!