We’ve been receiving some fan mail and messages! Thanks to everyone who uses ThiefMD, and thanks to everyone who sent in some kind words.

To those asking, ThiefMD is still under development. We want to migrate to GTK4, GtkSourceView5 and libadwaita. The API changes in TextView, Menu Integration, and other areas needed some thinking and planning. Spell Check in GTK4 was also up in the air for a while.

There are some bugs in the export window and online publishing. The Export bugs required some redesign. Fixes for online publishing are done (good-bye long start up times).

While thinking of improving how to export, we had some great conversations with users. Hearing how you all work and organize your writing helps us to improve ThiefMD. If you look at the code, a lot of the export functionality is global, and we’re looking at making it instance per project. ThiefMD also compiles your writing before passing it to the exporter. We’re hard at work making the Exporter ask the library to compile your work to support some new scenarios.

Now we have a plan to move forward. I can’t say when the big new release will be. Even with a plan, migration isn’t as simple as string replacing GTK3 with GTK4. We will do some maintenance releases on the GTK3 build.

The ThiefMD GitHub Organization should have some new repos pop up as things progress.

Some recent highlights:

We also have new features in design, but it’s too soon to share.

2022 is looking to be the year for writers on Linux. 😸️